In the following pages you will find examples of a variety of vector based graphics and design work. Since 3D modelling is essentiallly vector based, examples of 3D models and 3D projects the artist has created have also been included here. To view some of the actual animations of these models/projects, please see the Videos and Animations portion of this website or for a complete list of animations, please visit the artist's Youtube channel, WalczakPhoto.

A variety of programs were used to create this art work. For most of the vector illustrations, Adobe Illustrator was used extensively with the majority of the 3D work created in AutoDesk Maya. In cases where the artist used third party models to complete a given project such as The Diner for example, where the cars were obtained from third party sources to complete the aesthetics of the final animation, additional programs have been used to import and convert various model formats including Autodesk 3DS Max, Smith Micro's Poser, Blender, etc..

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe's Camera Raw have also been used rather extensively for preparing images and textures for 3D models. For example, all of the textures used in the 3D model of the P.C. Campana building were captured exclusively by the artist for use in this project. In addition, Photoshop was also used, in some cases rather extensively, to give a number of the vector illustrations some finishing touches.

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