The Studio - Information

The models included in this gallery represent a collection of various 3D musical instruments and gear created by the artist for various, typically unrelated projects. The Fender Stratocaster for example, was created as part of a larger still life project for a 3D modelling & animation class, while the drums and microphone were created for the artist's own practice and amusement. The level of detail (high poly versus low poly) varies from model to model, depending on the model's (original) intended use. The Peavey bass amp for example was created to be nothing more than a background prop in a larger production, where as the Fender Twin amp was created with the intent of being a very highly detailed model (even the inside elements of the vacuum tubes were modelled). Further, these models were created over the course of a few years and reflect different stages of the artist's evolution with 3D modelling (and respectively, animation).

To view renders from various angles of a given model, simply move your mouse/pointer over a given object and left click. If the item does not stand off the page (such as wall decorations like the acoustic foam in this scene), it's not available for viewing.

Unless otherwise noted, all images, textures, models, etc., were created exclusively by the artist, are Copyright © 2006 through 2014 - James T. Walczak and may not be used in any way, shape or form without the prior written permission of the copyright owner. All rights are reserved.

The names Fender, Peavey, Pearl, Yamaha, etc., are all the respective property of their owners and are used here for demonstrations puposes only. No infringement of intellectual property is intended.