Artist's Statement
James T. Walczak

Photographer & Graphic Artist

Lorain, Ohio

Greetings and welcome to my little home on the internet! In this page, I would like to take a moment and explain who I am and a little of what I do and why I do it the way that I do.

Who I am is simple; I’m an artist. More specifically, I’m a digital artist, meaning that the majority of the work I create is done to some degree or another with the use of a computer, including all of the photography you see on these pages. My specialties include; digital photography (although I grew up and am equally proficient with film), image finishing, manipulation and composites via Adobe Photoshop, vector work via Adobe Illustrator, video editing and of course I’m also a musician. In addition I have a strong interest and am currently pursuing 3D modeling and animation as well (as can be seen in the backgrounds of the 3D pages). I’ve performed many “day jobs” over the years, but the way I define myself is simply as an artist.

As to why I do things the way that I do…this is a bit more complicated. Even before my interest in computers and graphics really took off in the early nineties, I had always had a very strong interest in this thing we call “art”, but with the exception of music, I had never really taken it seriously. I’ve done drawing and sketches (rather painfully) for many years as well as some painting, but I never got a great deal of enjoyment out of it…at least not enough to really consider it worth pursuing in any sense of a career. In the early 1990’s however this all changed with my introduction to computers as well as programs such as Aldus Photo Styler and later Adobe Photoshop, and later still audio software such as .N-Track and Cakewalk which had a profound effect on my ability to create music as well. With the computer (in my case, PC’s although I’m equally proficient using Macs), I had found a medium that would allow me to express my creativity in what would turn out to be virtually limitless ways, as well as being the ideal platform for my photography. I quickly discovered that digital photography could allow me to do more as an artist and with greater efficiency than I ever could with film (and no nasty chemical smells, cold hands or squinty eyes to boot!).

As my pages here state, I very much consider myself to be a “non-traditional artist”. While I do in fact have a tremendous respect for those who have come before me, I very much see myself…and my art…as being uniquely individual. It is very much my belief that art, regardless of the medium is first and foremost about creative self-expression and as such, that each artist must find their own individual path. While training and technique are certainly important, passion and creative vision are the true path to this self-expression. Passion is what carries a person through the learning process and pushes that person to do greater and greater things. Without it, an artist has very little. Creative vision is what allows an artist to see past “what is” to “what could be”. The world will never be changed by those who simply do the same thing, in exactly the same way as those who have gone before them have done. And while my ultimate goal as an artist isn’t really to change the world (although it would be nice if it happened), if I can make it a little nicer, a little more colorful and can make people’s lives just a little bit better…if even for the moment…then I can be happy and the effort has been very well worth it.